Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

Permanent Eyebrows

Brighton Permanent Makeup offers a number of different permanent eyebrow treatments to suit your unique beauty requirements.

All treatments include:

  • A free consultation,
  • Full aftercare treatment, &
  • A top-up appointment
    after 6 weeks.

Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

Eyebrows Frame Your Face

Your eyebrows frame your face, but for some women this can be one of the more problematic areas of the face.  Overplucking, loss of hair colour and age can leave your eyebrow area sparse and undefined.

Permanent makeup can enhancing this eye area by defining the area with colour, a lifting the brow slightly, replacing missing ends of the brow, or by adding hairs to sparse areas with natural hair simulation.  Alternatively you can opt for a complete redesign of your eyebrows.

3 Procedures are offered for the eyebrow area:

Powdered Brows  – this is the application of pigment to the brow area in a solid colour, very much like applying eyebrow pencil to this skin under the eyebrow hair.

Ombre Brows  – this is the application of pigment to the brow area in a solid, but subtly shaded colour closer to the tops and the front, very much like applying eye shadow to this skin under the eyebrow hair.

Powdered Brows with Micro-bladed Hair Strokes – the tail end of the brows are colour blocked with pigment, but closer to the centre of the face hair strokes are added to the brows to give a more natural look to the brow area.

Micro-bladed Hair Strokes – tonal hair strokes are added to the brow area throughout the entire length of the eyebrow.

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